Bruno Hansen’s Epic Journey & Community Collaboration III

If the adage that the universe only gives you what you can handle is true, Bruno Hansen has been given quite the load. At an early age he fell head over heals for the ocean. He surfed and spear fished, soaking in the salty coastal waters of the oceanside village where he was raised. Eventually, Hansen left his small South African town and after a globe trotting adventure he found himself captain of a charter yacht sailing through Indonesian waters. Life was anything but boring for the young adventurer, but it would soon come to a crashing halt.

When Hansen returned to South Africa, he suffered a horrific car accident caused by a hijacking gone awry. The crash  left him paralyzed from the waist down. After a few mopey years spent in the company of drugs and alcohol, Hansen decided it was time to say goodbye. He paddled into the ocean and threw himself off his board, hoping to drown. A serendipitous wave miraculously floated Hansen safely to shore, renewing his will to live. He was then inspired to make some serious changes.


Fast forward a few years and Hansen has reclaimed his life, winning the Surfing Para-World Championships and continuing his sailing and seeking other outdoor thrills. He is a true testament to the human spirit and the power of will. This weekend he’ll be right here at the Montauk Beach House to share his story with local revelers and visitors alike.

On July 24th we’ll be screening a documentary film on Hansen’s unusual circumstances followed by a Q&A with the man behind the incredible story. Sturdy Soul and Jack Luber will be spinning poolside and a bevy of our favorite local artists and merchants will be showcasing their work. Stop by for a serious dose of inspiration. A couple of drinks don’t sound too bad either!

The header image is by local photo legend James Katsipis.

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