Private Events at The Beach House

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Our grounds offer plenty of ideal areas and large open outdoor space that allow the perfect layout of your special event. We can accommodate event tenting, open-air parties, live music, pool parties, and meetings. Our catering partners offer full catering services for your event. Our property can offer a complete DJ set-up with a sound system that can encompass the entire property.

Our staff can help facilitate many of your event’s requirements.

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(not too big, 100 guests maximum)

Photo & Film Productions
Fundraisers and Charity Drives

(we love people who do good things)

Corporate Meetings

(we don’t do gigantic meetings, because that’s not really our thing. But we are the best at hosting 20 people or less where actual meeting space is needed for a couple of hours)

Corporate Retreats

(for almost any size group we can arrange totally laid back events or ones filled with activities  – after all we know where all the best stuff is)

Art Openings

(artists are some of our favorite people)

Special Celebrations
Cocktail Receptions
Private functions