Group Celebration Policies

If you’re celebrating a special event (birthday, anniversary, bachelor & bachelorette parties, etc.) we’re happy to help you create an amazing memorable event, subject to availability. Please contact for assistance and options.
We greatly value the atmosphere we provide guests and we appreciate our guests’ cooperation in maintaining that atmosphere. So please do not engage in any behavior that negatively impacts other guests’ experience that may not be here for your specific celebration.

Some Basic Rules for All Celebrations @TheMBH


  • Food & Drinks. We are happy to arrange for all your food and beverage needs, however, outside food and drinks are not permitted to be consumed in the common public areas of the hotel property.
  • Proper casual attire/swimwear. Displaying of indecent or sexually suggestive messages on clothing is not permitted in any of the public areas of the property. Costumes (including clothing that is obscene, indecent, contains abusive or vulgar terminology, or inappropriate photographs or symbols) of any type are also not permitted in any public areas. For example, veils, tiaras, crowns, balloons, inflatable objects, or any other paraphernalia is fine for when you are out on the town, but are not allowed in our public spaces.
  • The décor (both in guest rooms and outdoor areas) of TheMBH have been carefully designed to create the relaxed environment that you find. The placing of any objects or banners of any kind on any walls or surfaces on hotel property is strictly prohibited.
  • Safety of all guests is always our priority. Insurance and health/safety regulations do not permit any flotation devices (other than personal safety flotation) in the pool area. Likewise things like squirt guns, sports balls, snorkels, toys, sporting equipment, etc. are not permitted in the pool area for safety reasons.
  • Playing safely. TheMBH is a great place to relax and play with lots of inviting open areas and from time to time we provide approved games on property. However regulations limit the amount and types of play permitted (for example, ball throwing/kicking, Frisbees, or any other objects may not be thrown about for the safety of our guests).
  • Celebrating late night. If you are celebrating away from the hotel we ask that you respect the tranquility of other guests when returning late at night back to your rooms.  We reserve the right to take immediate actions with guests who create excessive noise or disturbances.
  • Have fun but remember to be courteous and considerate of those around you while doing so. When in doubt just ask a member of the hotel management team.