Tips For Your Stay.

Welcome to Our House. We are extremely honored that we have you as our house guests – and honestly, we will do everything we possibly can to make you happy – as long as it’s a reasonable request. 

  • Room Telephones

We don’t have any! You’re supposed to be on vacation at the beach. However we do have complimentary hi-speed WiFi connections available so you can stay connected.


  • Music

We have poolside music most days after 12 noon and as much as we would love to take music requests it’s just not possible with the amount of guests we have. Feel free to bring your iPod and ear buds.

  • Pool Cleaning

We have to clean the pool in the evenings and mornings for your safety and enjoyment so please plan accordingly. Maybe have a nice relaxing cappuccino at the Café while our pool person does their thing.


  • Smoking in Room

All our rooms are Non-Smoking. If you do smoke in your room, we will charge you an extra cleaning fee to have the room cleaned so that our next guests will be able to enjoy a clean fresh room.


  • Smoking: We are a 100% non-smoking/non-vaping property.

Smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere within our premises.


  • Pets

Pet Friendly. $200 fee applies. Limited number of rooms available. * Please do not leave pets unattended if you are leaving the hotel property.


  • Hotel Quiet Time

Weekdays 9PM to 9AM – Weekends 10PM – 9AM.

      • Fire Pits and service stops at 10PM and please no large congregations or loud noises or conversations past that time.


  • No Parties in Guest Rooms at Any Time.

No more than 4 guests in any room at any time. Unregistered guests must leave hotel grounds by 9PM on weekdays and 10PM on weekends.

Please note that violation of this rule may result in termination of your stay and immediate removal from hotel grounds.


  • Outside Food and Beverages

Food or beverages purchased outside the hotel are not allowed any common areas or the pool at any time.


  • Personal Music Devices

Music source should be connected to headphone devices and should not be audible by any other guests. Please be considerate of other guests right to quiet enjoyment.

  • In-Room Etiquette #1
    • Rooms are for the registered guests so please don’t invite a group of friends to come party in your room – there’s plenty of place on property to have a great time. Please be respectful of your fellow guests.


  • In-Room Etiquette #2
    • Please respect the effort we put into installing furnishings. Please leave furniture in the room and do not put it outside. And please – no champagne spraying in room or off balconies.
  •  Laundry

Please hang wet bathing suits and beach towels in your room and not on the balcony railing. If you have a serious amount of clothes to dry there is a Laundromat right down the street.


  •  Alcoholic Beverages

We offer full-service on our resort property, at a very fair price. And please be responsible. The consumption of outside beverages/food in the common public areas of the hotel is not permitted.


  • Smoke/Vape Free Areas

Lobby, Front Lobby Patio, All Hallways, Balconies, Stairways in front of guest rooms, the pool area and the covered seating area adjacent to bar area.


  • ADA Approved Service Animals

ADA Service Animals must be with their owner at all times and on a leash unless disability hinders it


  • Minors

Children under 18 should be accompanied by an adult at all times when in common areas including the pool. And please no noise generating toys such as pops or poppers are allowed in rooms or common areas at any time. All non-hotel guests invited by registered hotel guests must be 21 and over in order to access the hotel areas & pool.

“Right to Quiet Enjoyment” will be strictly enforced. The hotel retains the right to refuse service to and/or require any guest to leave who is disturbing other guests at any time.

We made our house as a place for friends to come together during the season and experience what we think is a relaxed fun-filled time, which includes a lot of weekend entertainment and events… we actually love what we are doing and the activities we have to offer – and we hope you do too.