Tory Sport Is Making Waves In The Hamptons This July


08538f5f-b3b1-47ff-967e-f72a2ae46a70Though the idea of a bus doesn’t usually conjure up a fashionable feeling, we’re pretty stoked to climb aboard one in particular come the 23rd. Leave it to Tory Sport to transform what would usually be a mundane (and perhaps even dreaded) experience into a fun and stylish one.

Don’t worry about bus fare, this ride will be parked on our lawn for the day. You will want to bring your wallets though. The brand converted a 1972 Volkswagen bus into a mobile surf shop stocked with everything you need for a sporty weekend on the East End.

Whether you’re surfing, running, golfing, tennis-ing (yep, we’re going with it) or just lounging – they’ve got you (and your bits) covered. Ready to get in gear?

Here’s a taste of the goods:


We’re digging the line’s preppy color palette and subtle 70s nod. Model Constance Jablonski is looking great as always!

Since launching last September, Tory Sport has put quite a bit of emphasis on the highly curated in-store experience. They opened their unique Flagship Store in NYC’s Flatiron District in March. Though many are undoubtedly opting to shop online, the brand is betting that the interactive IRL experience of touching and feeling (especially for the growing athleisure market) the merch is unparalleled. Consider the VW bus tour a mini (not to mention, mobile) version of what would be in store at the store.

If next Saturday’s shopping and pool party can’t come soon enough (we feel you), hopefully this Tory Sport “Warm-Up Mix” Playlist will help get you plenty amped in the meantime:

Tory Sport is hitting the road with Coast by Coast from July 21st to 24th for a FIELD TRIP Traveling Pop-Up Shop. Other stops include NYC and East & South Hampton. 

They’ll be at the MBH on Saturday, July 23rd so say “hi” and tell ’em Low Tide sent ya! 

Peep the rest of our calendar for more #beachhousevibes all summer long.