Kick Off Your Memorial Day Weekend With Jack Luber

King of vinyl and notable Montauk man about town, Jack Luber is bringing funk and soul to the MBH this Memorial Day weekend. As a precursor to the event (hosted by Ilegal Mezcal), Luber stopped by to fill us in on his recent stint scoring Tin Ojeda’s latest surf flick, his design and build firm Shell & Core and his origins in music.  

When did your affair with turntables start?

My first memory of a turntable was when I was 6 years old. My dad showed me how to put a record on his turntable and treat it nicely! It was a beautiful Thorens Manual mounted in a slab of Oak and had the most amazing amber strobe.

What is your most prized vinyl record?

That’s a loaded question, but I will give it a shot: prized could mean uber expensive or a rare classic find. Sometimes they’re one and the same. The three that come to mind right now are: Tim Maia “Racional” Heavy Brazilian Record, James Brown “Sho Is Funky Down Here” and Billy Brooks “Windows Of The Mind.”

What was the first vinyl that you ever procured?

Kiss “Destroyer”! My dad had such an insane collection of everything from classic rock from the mid ‘60s through the seventies, to Soul, to Jazz, to Latin; so I obviously found my early choices were signs of a new culture on the rise. 

You’ll be spinning funk and soul at The Montauk Beach House; who are some of your favorite artists that we can expect to hear from this genre?

Love me some Bill Withers, Ray Barretto, Sylvia Stripplin… I can’t give away all my game now, but I’m not afraid of some Patsy Cline either!

What makes the MBH the perfect place to hear this kind of music?

There are no pretenses. It’s a late afternoon into early evening thing so there’s no expectation to turn out like a late night thing. It’s really good energy when you get to play outside in the grass making people’s heads bob as they hang poolside hearing records that make them happy. Kind of perfect.

What is the appropriate cocktail to sip on that would nicely complement the sounds you’ll be curating?

It’s no secret that I am a tequila person. I like it with club soda and lime in a big glass filled with ice. 

(luckily we’ll have plenty of Ilegal Mezcal around – a step up from tequila!)

Tell us a little bit about scoring the soundtrack for Tin Ojeda’s new movie. Have you always wanted to do scoring?

I’ve been fortunate to have been involved in some really timeless surf film projects in the past. Stoked to see the new film that Tin has been working on and sure hope I make the cut. 

What are your plans in Montauk when you’re not spinning?

I own a design and build company called Shell & Core. I design and build homes, so that keeps me very busy thankfully. I live in Amagansett with my wife and son. We’re always ready for summer to start, back to family and friends and beach and surf.

 Jack Luber will be DJ’ing at the MBH on Friday May 27th from 6 to 9 PM.

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