This Fiction Heads East

This Fiction is a Brooklyn-based music management powerhouse. Their roster boasts rising superstar indie acts and DJs, placing them at the forefront of the NYC music scene and consequently helping to define it. We’ve partnered with them for a mid-summer poolside bash (RSVP link below). To prepare for the event – featuring an acoustic set by Great Good Fine Ok and DJ sets by Savoir Adore and Brose’ – we picked the brain of This Fiction founder Seth Kallen. We discuss his start, his artists and what’s in store for MBH revelers come July 16th.

Fill us in on This Fiction. How did you get started?20140302 This Fiction Shoot-3

I sort of became a manager accidentally. When I was in high school and college, I managed my own band, releasing a few albums and touring up and down the Northeast. Along the way, I met a band called Jukebox the Ghost, fell in love with their music, and started managing them. I figured – if I can manage my own band, I can probably manage someone else’s. That was about 11 years ago, I still manage Jukebox and the company has grown from there.

What is the artist selection process like? Take us through step by step.

For me, it’s 100% about the music. That’s it. When I come across a new artist, I care very little about the statistics, their following on social media, or their history. I need to love the music so much that I can listen to them all day every day. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing. If you’re going to fight for these artists and go through the ups and downs of the quickly evolving and frequently discouraging industry, you need to believe in the music with a feverish passion. That and I need to love the people, because if we’re going to spend late nights on the phone dreaming up big ideas and sleeping in vans and tour buses together, we’d better get along.

How has the Brooklyn/NY scene evolved in recent years?

NYC will always be a place that draws creators, hustlers, and dreamers. Even with the constantly increasing costs of living in this city, somehow people still show up ready to start their careers. There is never a lack of talented people making amazing music. The biggest evolution that I’ve seen is just simply WHERE things are happening. When I moved to New York, everything cool and exciting was in Williamsburg, but now the venues are struggling with rent and getting pushed further and further East. It’s exciting though to see where music is happening – I’m particularly excited about the guys who ran Glasslands, which closed in 2014 when Vice purchased the whole block. Their new space, Elsewhere, opens this fall and looks like it’s going to make a huge mark on the Brooklyn scene.

How do you think your vibe will translate in the East End?

This Fiction has been involved with parties and events all around the world for a decade – our idea with this one is just to have an easy going poolside party, with great music and great vibes. Great Good Fine Ok are doing a very unique acoustic set, which will be perfect for a Saturday afternoon hanging in the sun.

What makes Montauk the perfect setting for these acts?

Montauk is kind of the perfect setting for anything and everything, isn’t it?


We asked Seth/This Fiction to create a #beachhousevibes themed playlist to get us all in the right mindset in anticipation of the party…


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This Fiction’s Mid-Summer Party takes place on July 16th from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Peep the rest of our calendar and RSVP here