Physique 57 Cardio Burn Online Workout

We’re so excited for Physique 57 to bring their wildly popular (seriously, it’s a worldwide phenomenon) classes to our lawn this July that we’re already stalking their blog for some online teasers and trying them out preemptively. Hopefully this means we won’t be embarrassing ourselves (as much) when it’s time for the real thing. Check out their latest:

“Our newest online workout, Physique Cardio Burn, was designed to rev your metabolism (and cinch your abs, obliques, and mid-section) in 30 minutes flat. Don’t have that? We’ve done you one better and broken down three of our favorite moves. Perfect the moves and then do them anytime, anywhere.”

Here’s a quick preview of what to expect:

Scorpion Push Ups




Curl on Ball


Once you’re mentally prepared for the physical burn get the full how-to here!