Montauk’s man of the hour, surf photographer and insane waterman James Katsipis responds to our “10 Questions” as part of this #localsonly series.

LT: What’s your deal?

JK: I procure life moments via my camera.

LT: Why Montauk?

JK: My parents made me here. Not much of a choice.

LT: Long or short?

JK: Short.

LT: In your opinion – what is the best, or worst, thing about Montauk?

JK: Best thing about Montauk: the people. Worst thing about Montauk: the people. (lol)

LT: Low Tide or High Time?

JK: Low Tide.

LT: What is your favorite place to eat or drink in Montauk?

JK: Loving East By Northeast. Navy Beach to grab a drink.

LT: If you could instantly realize one wish, what would it be?

JK: To be 20 pounds lighter 😉

LT/JK: Before I sleep I always _close my eyes_.

LT: Favorite artist? Why?

JK: Chris Burkard. Best adventure photographer in the biz.

LT/JK: I love to: _surf_ because _it makes me happy_.



All images courtesy of James Katsipis.