Nothing Butt News: Voluptuous Platform Finds New Way to Deliver Headlines


It’s no secret that the Internet is overwhelmingly inundated with frivolously written articles with even more ASSinine headlines purely for click bait purposes. Celebrity news has never failed to generate traffic, ergo its prevalence on our newsfeeds and timelines and what have you.

But now there’s a new platform, designed to capture your attention but also invite you to read about global matters that extend past The Great Dress Color Ambiguity Panic of 2015 or Beyoncé’s dietary trajectory into veganism. The Big Ass News is combining our love of celebrity dish with headlines that provoke readers to read about world affairs like the political unrest in Ukraine or Pope Francis’ criticisms on military action.

By taking headlines from sources like The New York Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and other reputable outlets and pasting them on pap shots of Kim Kardashian’s tush, The Big Ass News is re-directing readers to the stories we should actually be paying attention to. This seems like the ultimate 2-in-1, and I think this is something the Internet can get behind.


Guest Written by Greg Mania.