Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets


Although this video is from 2011, it is still just as relevant today as it is estimated that ghost nets left behind by fishing boats account for approximately 10% of all marine debris and cause endless harm to animals in the ocean and on shore. Furthermore, up to 30% of all fish end up caught in ghost nets. Plastic (including ghost nets) is the most common element found in the ocean. It is harmful to the environment as it does not get broken down and is often ingested by marine animals. This is ultimately also potentially harmful to anyone that eats seafood.

This video is beautiful and inspiring and ends on a positive note with a grateful display from a newly freed humpback whale, but we must remember that this is just one story with a happy ending. As long as fishermen continue to dump their nets this threat will continue to harm animals and humans. Learn more about The Great Whale Conservancy and ways you can get involved here!