Meredith Wing X Miansai


Meredith Wing is a designer/illustrator and the gal behind @moomoi – a lovely and unapologetically girly Instagram account that delights us daily. She recently stopped by Poolside Collective at the MBH and borrowed some Miansai jewelry to create beautiful nautically themed vignettes. Read all about her design process and her popular #SomeFlowerGirls Instagram series below.

I love the pie_DSF3175ces you created with Miansai jewelry at the Montauk Beach House from your time here! What was your favorite part of working with Miansai?

I’ve been obsessed with the hardware-inspired Miansai pieces since Michael Saiger launched the brand. Using the utilitarian jewelry in my girly drawings was a fun contrast.

How do you find inspiration for the #SomeFlowerGirls series you popularized on Instagram?
Beautifully and simply designed objects inspire me, whether that be a metal bracelet made by man or a flower made by Mother Nature.

How long have you been making these creations?


Creating whimsical illustrations has been part of my life since I could pick up a crayon! (I think my mom has saved every drawing I’ve ever scribbled.) The #SomeFlowerGirls were only born in the last couple of years as I began to experiment with 3d elements on 2d drawings and sharing them through Instagram.

What is the process for each piece typically like and how long does it take?

Sometimes I begin with an idea, sometimes with an object. It takes me several minutes to scan an object, consider its volume, texture, proportions and shadows, then decide how to use it as an element such as skirt, dress, hat, etc. Then I will typically draw an image around the object and adjust it to fit. I typically do many iterations before I photograph one I am satisfied with.

Your fashion illustrations are beautiful and we love your interior designs, but if you had to choose one which would it be: fashion or interiors?

I know, I often feel myself like I have to choose! Really though, I feel like these design realms are inseparable – it’s just a question of whether I am dressing a structural bodye1434834859429 or a human one.

Speaking of your illustrations, would you ever consider becoming a fashion designer?

You’re very perceptive! I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer in my early twenties and I worked for design teams at Cynthia Steffe, Lacoste and Sue Stemp. I definitely fantasize about being a fashion designer still, though it’s a tough industry to survive in and definitely not as glamorous as it seems. In my drawings I can focus on capturing the magic of fashion.

What is the best and worst thing about using Instagram as a platform for your designs?

The best part of using Instagram as a platform is reaching a broad and supportive audience! The worst part is my dying phone battery!

Shameless plug time: any recent or upcoming projects/collaborations you’d like to boast about?

I am excited to be collaborating soo_DSF3190n with Soma water company who is including #SomeFlowerGirls in their fall packaging! I am always open to other collaborations so feel free to email me at 🙂

Guest Written by Ashley Karhoff.