Anchored In Nostalgia: The Candied Anchor

The world is a crazy, scary place. News outlets inform us of non-stop violence, destruction, and just plain stupidity. Work is stressful. Being an adult is hard.

It’s not surprising that nostalgia, DIY, and a general “back to basics” approach have infiltrated our lives and influenced businesses small and large to capitalize on this moment by creating products and spaces that harken back to a simpler time.

Enter Montauk’s ve_MG_7656ry own local sweet source The Candied Anchor. What’s more nostalgic and satisfying than candy after all?! To call it merely a candy shop is a grave understatement. It’s highly researched and curated, stocking soda, ice cream, baked goods, retro gifts and sugary gems from the world over that are near impossible to find anywhere in New York, let alone right on the East End.

Situated on Main Street, it’s right where you would expect to find a candy shop in any good old American neighborhood. The Candied Anchor evokes an old timey feeling before you even step inside as the outdoor space in front of the entrance is equipped with coin operated kiddie rides (adult riding is apparently frowned upon), brightly colored tables and benches, a retro photo stand in and their tricked out pick up truck. The truck is used for their party catering services which include vintage pop corn, cotton candy and Slush Puppie machines as well as homemade piñatas and inevitably, a lot of confections.

Jillian Rennar (pictured), who swore she hasn’t sustained any cavities since taking on sourcing and operations (though she declined our offer to take a peek) showed us around and even skillfully poured up a Slush Puppie (instant sugar-high, proceed with caution), while her mom (the self proclaimed “assistant”) pointed things out from behind the register. No beards, no tattoos, nothing pretentious or packaged about it whatsoever. If this is sweet guilty pleasure nostalgia the Montauk way – we’ll take it!


Original Photography by Sasha Landskov.