There Goes The Neighborhood: The New York Times Dubs Montauk “High-End”

Montauk, once a haven for the shabby, is quickly becoming chic, according to the New York Times. It’s no secret that the east end has undergone some serious changes in the last few years. With the major influx of new restaurants and high end hotels and cottages, it’s clear that the times are a changin’. Just last year a lakefront trailer home sold for over a million dollars (that’ a lot of zeros for trailer). What was once a quaint surf town has become a bustling staple of Hamptons summer fun.

What this means for the MBH: no offense to the New York Times, but not a whole lot, frankly! We can’t deny the changes to our hood (which is what we will forever still think of it as), but we like to think of ourselves as fulfilling a unique niche that combines the best of old and new; a happy medium, if you will. Yes, we offer exceptional service and beautiful accommodations, but we’ll never forget the simple things we love most about the Montauk area and sincerely hope that it wont change too much. The quirky characters that call this magical place home all year round are dear to our hearts and while we of course welcome visitors and newcomers we hope to spread the #beachhousevibes, rather than adapt to their city-centric sensibilities.

Read the full story via The New York Times.