See & Hear: Ian Mellencamp

Just in time for his Memorial Weekend set, we get to know Ian Mellencamp via good ol’ fashioned fill-in-the-blanks…

My spirit animal is…a black-throated flower-piercer.

If the MBH made a drink in my honor it would be made with…(for datyime) Rum, Aperol, Campari & Ginand called…the Negronian Mellencampari (a.k.a…Blind Mellen a.k.a Rumplespritzgin), or Scotch, Chartreuse, and Absinth with ice and called Elixir of the Immortals (for nighttime).

My “must-play” track for my Memorial Weekend set at the MBH is…Too many to choose just 1. …a new house track I’ve been working on. I love spinning unheard tunes on unsuspecting friends.

You can expect to see me wearing…a kimono or robe.

My #moodaf for Memorial Weekend in Montauk can be summed up with these 3 emoji: 

If you’re anything like us, you believe that their last 12 Instagram posts will tell you everything you need to know about a person! Here are Ian’s:

more via @ianmellencamp

Here’s a taste of Ian’s sounds:

Don’t miss Ian at the MBH on Saturday, May 27th.

As always, make sure to peep our calendar for all event details!