See & Hear: Kristine Barilli

Just in time for her Memorial Weekend set, we get to know Kristine Barilli via good ol’ fashioned fill-in-the-blanks…

My spirit animal is…How about spirit human? Cosey Fanni Tutti. If she were an animal she would probably be some sort of feline. #iconic

If the MBH made a drink in my honor it would be made with…mezcal and flowersand called…“The Garden Of Earthly Delights”

My “must-play” track for my Memorial Weekend set at the MBH is…This is a tough one!!! But, I can’t stop playing “Breakin’ In ” by Javaroo. Also lots of African disco!

You can expect to see me wearing…Most likely a look from my clothing line “THE SPHINX ” coming soon!

My #moodaf for Memorial Weekend in Montauk can be summed up with these 3 emoji: 

If you’re anything like us, you believe that their last 12 Instagram posts will tell you everything you need to know about a person! Here are Kristine’s:

Kristine Barilli on Instagram

more via @kristine_barilli

Here’s a taste of Kristine’s sounds:

Don’t miss Kristine at the MBH on Monday, May 29th.

As always, make sure to peep our calendar for all event details!