POWERS is the Soundtrack to Your Summer

Made up of Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru, the bi-coastal music duo POWERS is dishing out soulful hits fit for any beach activity. They’re well on their way to sonic superstardom and are making a pit stop in Montauk to perform exclusively at the MBH. We chatted with the band about their creative chemistry, their EP “Legendary”, festival season and much more. 

Tell us about how you met. When did you know you guys clicked?
We met back in NY through a number of different musical incarnations. But it wasn’t until we had a chance to sit down together 1 on 1 that we knew that we had something special. We felt so completely free and comfortable to share even the most obscure thoughts or ideas, and songs would end up just pouring out of us. Neither of us have ever experienced a creative chemistry quite like it til this day, we always feel like 2 little kids going on an adventure in our own world.
“Legendary” and “Loved By You” are both equal contenders for song of the summer. Do you have a potential pick for song of the summer yet, and if so, what is it?
Well that’s very kind of you! We actually have a new single called “Sunshine” being released at the end of the month that will  hopefully be a proper contender. It’s the first taste of our debut album that will be out this fall.
Tell us a little about your creative process for “Legendary.” How did the songs on the EP develop and evolve?
The two of us are constantly writing and evolving, always seeking inspiration in the strangest places.  It might be the tempo of a turn signal or coming across some rare Peruvian tribal chant that can spark an idea. For the songs on the Legendary EP, we felt that the 4 songs were a proper introduction into the world we were trying to make.  No song ever starts and finishes the same way. “Beat of my Drum” felt like it was almost given to us by the universe at 3am one night, while “Loved By You” had almost 8 different versions before it was finished.

When you hop-scotch between NYC and LA do you feel like you’re affected creatively just by virtue of being in a different environment? Do you prefer one over the other?
That’s a tough question. For us, a change of environment always invites creativity no mater where we go. When it comes to NY vs LA, they both offer completely different energies, and depending on what we want will determine where we go. As born and raised New Yorkers, even if we’re back for just a day it’s inevitable that all the memories, the loud craziness, or just being able to be close to our families will stir up some great idea. But the calmness of LA always makes it so much easier to focus and organize whatever is going on in our heads enough to bring it to life.  

Will this be your first time in Montauk? What are you looking forward to the most besides performing?

We’ve been to Montauk a few times throughout our lives, but collectively this will be the first. You guys have some truly beautiful beaches and we’re pretty stoked on getting a chance to take our shoes off and just feel some sand and sun.

What can we expect from your live show? How will the vibe you give off on the record translate to the stage?

Everything is created honest and true to who we are as people and we put a lot of love and energy into each song…so when we play, that energy is magnified times 100. Also, it tends to surprise people that we both play instruments with a real drummer. In the days of people just going on stage with laptops, we’re keeping the live aspect of music alive.
What about Montauk makes it a good place for the POWERS experience?
We are always told that our music makes people feel good. There’s some energy out at “the end” that feels like the world is wide open and possibilities are as endless as the ocean. If we could be the soundtrack to that sensation, then we’re doing a good job.

Any plans for touring in the future? Where would you want to go the most?

We’ll be doing a handful of headlining shows on the east and west coasts as well as Firefly, Bonnarroo, and Kaboo festivals. But with our debut album coming out later this year, we’d love to tour Europe to support it!

POWERS is performing at the MBH on Saturday June 18th.

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