Physique 57 Anywhere Anytime

To celebrate Physique 57 bringing their extremely popular ballet barre inspired classes to the beach house every Saturday morning in July, we asked them to round up some summer workout moves that can be done anywhere, anytime (like at a hotel or summer share house). This full body workout targets your arms, abs, thighs & seat and doesn’t require any equipment. You’re welcome.

Tricep Dips (targets arms, specifically triceps!)

Start in a seated position with your legs bent in front of you, feet on the floor, hands by your sides and fingers facing forward. Lift your seat off the floor and bend your elbows straight back and lower yourself straight down several inches, then straighten your arms without locking your elbows. Complete 20 dips.

Tricep Dips

Washing machine

Starting in a full plank position, engage your core. Bend your elbows into a deep push up position bringing your right knee to your right shoulder. Repeat movement and bring your right knee across towards your left shoulder. (Repeat 8 to 10x each leg)

Washing machine targets your arms, chest, and entire abdominal wall. A great low impact move for long distance runners looking to improve core strength and stability.

Washing Machine Step 2

Curtsy (works your entire lower body, back muscles, arms and core. )

Start with feet in a small “V” position (heels glued together and toes 2 inches apart) with your hands resting lightly on a sturdy piece of furniture. From there, incline your body forward at a 45-degree angle. Bend your knees, lift your right heel up, and slide your right leg back about two feet behind you, crossing your body so that your right foot is on the floor lined up behind your left shoulder. Keep your back heel high and your front foot flat. Lower your back knee towards the floor and lift up and down an inch from there. Keep your hips and shoulders squared and the front knee stable over the ankle. Repeat. 30-60 pulses. Repeat on other leg.


Standing Crane (targets seat)

Stand holding the edge of a desk or table for support, feet together and facing forward. Bend one leg behind you, flexing the foot. Raise your heel up a few inches, then release slightly and press your foot directly back behind you. Continue to alternate between lifting your heel up, then pressing it back (one of each equals one set) 20 to 30 times, keeping your bent knee behind the standing leg the entire time. Switch sides.

Standing Crane

Pretzel (targets entire seat, abductors, hamstrings and the obliques.)

Start seated with your right leg at a 90 degree angle in front of you and your left leg at a 90 degree angle behind you. Place your hands forward in a line parallel to your right shin, framing your knee. Bring your left thigh as far behind you as possible, making sure your knee is behind your hip.  Rotate your knee down and your toes up. Lift your back knee just off the floor, maintaining the knee lower than the foot. While moving your leg, scoop your abdominals up and actively engage your core so that you are seated as upright as possible and are light on your hands. Begin small, controlled lifts of your leg, keeping your leg an inch or so off the floor. Do 30-60 lifts on each side.


Round back with leg darts (abs)

Sit on a cushion and prop yourself up against the wall with your hands pushing up into the barre. Bring your knees over your hips creating a table top position. Maintain a concave feeling in your center- if you feel like you lower back is starting to arch, your legs are too low. Begin darting out one leg at a time working for maximum extension and control from your core. Continue alternating legs. (30 to 60 seconds)

Round back with leg darts strengthens hips, core and arms, while also increasing back flexibility. A great move to keep a runner’s body nimble and reduce risks of injuries.

Roundback Abs with Darts

Book your next Physique 57 class at the MBH here and check out the tips their instructors shared with us on staying committed to your workout and healthy diet in the summer. We returned the favor by giving them our Montauk Summer Guide for their blog.