Girl On Girltauk

Lisa and Cara Rooney, the sister duo behind eclectic Hampton boutique Girltauk, will be joining us for a pop up on the MBH lawn on Sunday, July 26th to show off their most covetable pieces. We sat down with them to discuss Girltauk’s style, what it’s like working together and how their business went from in-home shopping to IRL adventures:

What is Girltauk all about?

Girltauk is about forming connections, empowering women and making them look and feel like the fabulous gals that they are!

As sisters, what made you both want to work together and what makes you a great team?

I believe that together we work assiduously because our drive and work ethic is alive and constant. We stand behind each other’s ideas and we are open to one another’s criticism. Our energy is what makes us a great team. We won’t stop until something is completed and we both expect the same outcome.

Describe Girltauk’s style?

imageGirltauk IS Gypset. Our sexy and fitted, body-con items encompass the sophisticated jet-set woman while our easy, bohemian, flowy throw-ons compliment the carefree, unconventional girl. Both ladies’ looks are stylish, comfortable and affordable.

How is Girltauk unique from other East End/Hampton boutiques?

We’re not “just buyers.” Most of our inventory (bags, jewelry, candles, bathing suits, jewelry stands, clothing racks, etc.) are made by East End natives who put their heart and soul into curating these pieces to make a name for themselves. While we have a store front in Southampton, our “pop-ups” in Montauk have helped spark interest in our brand and stand out among the rest. Our “pop-ups” include a selective gathering of cute, affordable clothes and handmade jewelry that is displayed on a driftwood rack crafted by fellow Montauket, Josh Farnham.

Describe your partnership with Keogh, how did they get involved?

We met Erin, the designer of Keogh, through a mutual friend. The three of us instantly connected and saw an opportunity to take over our now current store front in Southampton to make it the chic’ boutique it’s meant to be!

Who is your customer?

Our customer is vibrant and fun. She’s confident but lax. She wants style and comfortability but at a reasonable price. She’s the ultimate gypset babe.

What makes MBH an ideal location for a pop up shop?

The setup at MBH is perfect. You’re in the heart of Montauk, the beach is just a few feet away while you can sip on a cocktail, lounge by the pool and shop some cool, one of kind, Girltauk pieces. What’s better than that!?

What has been the most rewarding part of starting your own business?

The amount of positive feedback we have received since opening has truly been the most rewarding thing thus far.



Guest Written by Ashley Karhoff.