Dreaming of NNEWWATER

NNEWWATER creates whimsical dreamcatcher weavings made from ocean shells and driftwood. The custom, handmade pieces can be found at MBH’s Poolside Collective this summer. But before you go, check out our interview with NNEWWATER’s founder Emma Riley:

What is NNEWWATER all about?

It’s about taking the time to give yourself space to breathe and appreciate what’s around you in the midst of crazy New York. It’s about aesthetic beauty in a city where it’s hard to come by.DyM-YWmCT_alXOScCYEKVzn0-fcwKJMvLFt02ZYidA0

Has weaving always been your passion?

Nope – I was in LA, Venice, and saw a massive white dreamcatcher I wanted for my room in Brooklyn…my room is all white with a few statement pieces from all over…Morocco, Hawaii, Mexico, etc. and I needed something for above my bed, but it was too expensive.

I went up to Northern California to visit my parents and was telling them about it when my Mom suggested using shells she’d collected years ago – mostly while she was pregnant with me. Oahu, Orient Point, San Francisco, so on. So I did.

Your designs are available at Poolside Collective this summer, what makes PC and MBH ideal locations to show your pieces?

Being out East in the summer is the best place in the entire world. I really, really feel that way. Maybe it’s because I was born on Orient Point.

What are your plans for NNEWWATER beyond the Summer season?

I just want the pieces hanging in places where people love them.

It’s really fun creating something tangible by hand when my career is the opposite – producing large, global campaigns and projects – that overarching delicacy that I love and feel when making them and when they’re done is what I want others to love and feel too.


Guest Written by Ashley Karhoff
Original Photography by Sasha Landskov.