C’mon Get Happy (Bowls)

So you think you’ve had an Acai bowl? Well, we regret to inform you that you’ve never had one as amazing as Happy Bowls’. We chatted with co-founder Tyler Davis, to learn just what makes their bowls so special. From talking about surfing, to what inspired the company to come to Montauk you will definitely be craving a one of a kind Happy Bowl by the end of this post!

How did you start Happy Bowls and what inspired you to do it?

Happy Bowls was brought to life after I did a bunch of surfing and traveling through South America and the Caribbean. I stumbled across the Açaí Bowl and I actually worked in a bakery in Puerto Rico making them. One day I was out surfing and one of my buddies paddled up to me and says “Ty I was gonna get an Açaí Bowl today but you weren’t working so I didn’t order it because yours are the best!” I knew immediately that if I could think of a proper business plan I could bring this idea to life in my hometown of Montauk. I’ve always wanted to be able to contribute to the surfing/active lifestyle community and finally I had my chance.

How would you describe a Happy Bowl to someone who has never had one?

A Happy Bowl can be anything you want it to be, that’s why it’s so special. The basic concept of the “bowl” is that we take one of our favorite super-fruits (the organic/non GMO Brazilian Açaí Berry or the organic/non GMO Nicaraguan Pitaya Fruit) and toss it in a blender and blend it to the perfect thick consistency with the customers’ favorite juice choice. Each different type of juice gives the Açaí or Pitaya its own unique flavor. This purple blend now becomes the base of the bowl; and on top we start with a layer of fresh granola. Stacked high on top of that the customer can use our trademarked “Create Your Own Bowl” menu and choose any and all his/her favorite fresh toppings like fruit, nuts, and so on. We have over 25 different choices for toppings so each experience can be a new one!

Acai bowls have recently become really popular; what separates you guys from others that are serving them up?

500It’s amazing to see how popular these bowls are becoming. We honestly feel that the process in which we make our bowls can’t be compared to any other people making them. We perfected the art of blending perfect bowls with fresh quality ingredients. We really work hard everyday trying to give all of our customers exactly what their bodies need and crave. Our outdoor/active lifestyle and brand isn’t just how we want our business to appear…it’s who we are. On top of that, we just finished working with the Puerto Rican government and we are now officially a recognized franchise!

Do you think a Happy Bowl is something that can be enjoyed all year round or is it more seasonal?

It for sure can be enjoyed year round! I’ve been super busy with our expansion so I’ve had the Montauk location closed in the winters, but I’m working on staying open longer. In the Caribbean we are open year round!

What does happy and healthy eating mean to you?

Happy and healthy eating to me means truly showing love for your body. Giving your body the right nutrition and nourishment it deserves to keep you moving all day long. When you really think about it, at any second your body is doing something miraculous. Might as well show it some support!

Do you have a favorite bowl from your menu?

To be honest it depends on the day and what mood I’m in. I’m really into switching it up because there’s literally thousands of different flavor combinations and I want to try them all. If I had to choose a favorite, I would choose the “Young & Brave Bowl.” It’s Açaí blended with unsweetened almond milk topped with granola, bananas, fresh cut strawberries, coconut flakes and a scoop of peanut butter. It’s super energizing. And on top of it, every time this bowl is purchased we donate $1 to the nonprofit organization “Young & Brave Foundation.” These guys are awesome and they support children fighting the hard fight against cancer and help support their families as well.

What makes this type of meal/snack perfect for surfers and athletic people?

BUILDSurfing led me to this meal and I’ll eat Happy Bowls every day for the rest of my life because I’ll be surfing for the rest of my life. It goes hand in hand with living an active lifestyle. The bowl itself is packed to the brim with potential energy and antioxidants. It’s very filling, but not nearly as “heavy” as some other types of meal choices. Your body can digest it quickly and you can get right back out into the surf without that tiring feeling that comes from other meals.

How did you end up bringing Happy Bowls to Puerto Rico?

Technically, my partner Jochy Rodriguez and I opened our Happy Bowls at the same time. We were both 22 years old at the time. I opened Montauk and he opened a location in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. After that we opened in Rincón, PR and Caguas, PR.  It’s perfect for Puerto Rico because Happy Bowls are cold and refreshing and we all know how hot it can get down there on those beautiful beaches. We plan on opening a bunch more locations there this year. Spreading the love one bowl at a time! 🙂

Guest Written by Emily Costa.