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By combining style and comfort, BIKYNI is helping eradicate the hassle that we face every spring when it comes time to find “the one.” And by “the one,” we mean the perfect swimsuit, naturally. The timeless designs featured in a BIKYNI design offer comfort in addition to preserving an aesthetic that many labels have tried to replicate, but only a few achieve successfully. The pieces from this swimwear label are exactly what we all have in mind when dreaming of the perfect beach look, and they recently brought the magic out east with a pop up shop at the Montauk Beach House. If you missed it, they’re also available at our on-site boutique, POOLSIDE COLLECTIVE. Of course we jumped at the chance to pick the brain of Jude Al-Khalil, their CEO and Founder. You’re welcome!

about-essentials-1Swimwear always seems to harbor a sense of nostalgia. What are some trends you notice that are reemerging?

The first one that jumps to mind is the one piece. That style has made a huge comeback over the past few years and the trend is still going strong. Sport influenced 90’s styles have been making their way into swimwear lines recently too. We see a lot of color blocking and contrast binding in modern bold colors.

What is the main goal of Bikyni? What do you want your shoppers to feel like when they try on your pieces?

Our goal is to produce high quality swimwear that’s easy to shop for and easy to wear. We want to create a brand that women are loyal to because they know when they shop with us, they are getting a beautiful, well-made suit at a great price. We want ladies to feel comfortable and confident when trying on our suits.

Why is the seasonal swimsuit search SUCH a challenge? What are you doing to alleviate the hassle?

Finding a high quality, well-fitting swimsuit at an accessible price is not always easy. BIKYNI was inspired by a desire for elevated, minimalist swimwear that’s not over-designed or overpriced. We focus on premium materials and great fit by sourcing our fabric from Italy and sewing our suits in Los Angeles. And we keep our prices easy with separates at $50 and sets for $95. If you’re shopping for BIKYNI on our site, we offer a unique mix + match feature and intuitive fit guide that allows you to cut through the clutter and easily find a suit that works for you.

What about comforabout-usa-2t? How are you combating those itchy seams and other uncomfortable threats swimwear can sometimes pose?

We place a lot of focus on comfort when designing our suits. Our suits are seamless so they don’t dig in. We stay simple with minimal hardware. Many of our top styles are adjustable and convertible, so you can personalize the fit. To me the perfect suit is versatile. Our suits are great out of the water too…you can easily throw on a pair of shorts or a skirt and wear them around town. Our suits are so comfortable that a lot of us in the office wear our tops as a bra!

The nautical scene of Montauk and the aesthetic of your brand seem like a perfect match. What do you love about Montauk the most?

Montauk has an easiness about it. It’s a place where you feel like you’ve escaped the hustle and bustle of the city, but the fun energy and style of the city has come along. While Montauk has changed a lot over the past few years, that effortlessness remains, and that’s what continues its allure. Each of our suits has an effortless appeal that is both functional and sexy – you can wear BIKYNI to the beach, with shorts to lunch and then straight to Surf Lodge under a dress.

Guest Written By Greg Mania.