Staycation Destination

We were recently paid a visit by a couple of particularly stylish ladies. They came. They saw. They ‘grammed the hell out of their time here!

For the every(wo)man a “staycation” typically means taking advantage of your unused sick days by lounging around in PJs eating questionable snacks and watching Bridget Jone’s Diary – maybe hitting a museum or two if you’re feeling really ambitious. The boss babes behind The Staycationers (an original content series on Taste The Style) take this concept to entirely new levels. Until now, they’ve stayed on the mainland paying visits to the TriBeCa Grand, the Urban Cowboy B&B, and the like – so we were thrilled to hear that they couldn’t resist our #beachhousevibes and particular brand of Montauk charm.

The brainchild of Celine Bossart, a Digital Media Editor at concierge management company Luxury Attache, The Staycationers found a welcome and fitting home on Taste The Style, fellow lady hustler Cyndi Ramirez‘s “online destination for the fashion and food obsessed.” With their Nicole Miller Artelier threads in tow, they, along with  Grace Dopico (aka @MiamiToManhattan) and photographer Vanessa Granda packed into their Cadillac (#wellplayed) and got to experience the launch of breakfast at the MBH, shop at Poolside Collective and the Miansai airstream, and drink aplenty. The staycation bar has pretty much been raised.

Check out Taste The Style for the full (vicarious) experience!