Just For One Swell

Volcom just shared a video starring local surf babe Quincy Davis and her French pal Maud Le Car:

“Maud Le Car finds herself home in France confided to a wetsuit to fight off the icy wind and cool water temps. While East Coast surfer Quincy Davis has yet again escaped Fall and Winter to spend time on the sun soaked beaches of Puerto Rico. After a desperately cold session Maud books a flight and joins Quincy on a whim leaving a note for her boyfriend saying “Au Revoir” for now.”

Coinciding with the launch of the minute long film Quincy took over Volcom’s Instagram account so we did a little stalking to see what she got up to while back home in Montauk. Looks like she braved the cold waves and paid a visit to our friends at Left Hand Coffee. Also loving the “Q” detail on her board shed!

quincy - instagram

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