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The artisan coffee shop is making addicts out of amateurs with their extensive offerings of standbys and soon to be favorites.


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The Montauk Beach House

Stay nice.


Poolside fun all summer long.

Sun. Shade. Poolside.


Imagine you here.
Relaxed evenings, fireside.

The Montauk Beach House

A boutique destination.

The Montauk Beach House is situated in the heart of Downtown Montauk, and is a block from the Atlantic Ocean surf beaches and a short stroll to Montauk’s shops, restaurants, bars and cafés.

We are a boutique hotel with an active daytime environment and a comfortable, warm, chill-out-by-the-fire-with-friends vibe at night. A social gathering space to eat, drink, be relaxed, and make memories. We like to have fun in the evening, yet be able to wake up the next morning (…with the occasional exception).

The summer will find a laid-back East Coast vibe with great entertainment, special events, and unique offerings to fill our summer calendar with one common theme: “to show our guests a different path; a unique alternative to summers in Montauk.”

So if you understand what we are about, stay with us… and be prepared to have a rather splendid time.

Our Rooms

4 different types to suit your style.

Moonlight Rooms

Moonlight Room

Whitewater Lofts


Whitewater Garden

Whitewater Garden

Oceanmist / Terrace

Oceanmist King

Questions? Speak to a reservations agent: Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm [EST] (631) 668 – 2112


Make sure to visit our 2016 Events Calendar for the full schedule of all things going on at the Beach House.