What To Eat After A Workout

The best filling yet healthy snack after a workout certainly depends on the workout (and the person) but it’s a conundrum we’re constantly faced with. Luckily, The Chalkboard Mag asked 21 fitness pros (from the Tone It Up Girls to Ballet Beautiful) and rounded up their responses for all of us amateurs. One thing they missed: yummy juices from local favorite Montauk Juice Factory of course!


“SPAGHETTI SQUASH? PANCAKES? This is not what we expected. You know we get high off of raiding our fave health pros’ refrigerators and modeling what they eat for breakfast. Coming in at a close third place? Using our favorite fitness pros’ tips and tricks to hack our own pre-and-post regimen.

If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss for post-work out snacks, join the club. A girl can only live off of hard-boiled eggs or protein powders for so long. Find out what 21 pros are eating after they’ve hit it hard…”


Images Courtesy of Montauk Juice Factory.