Two Coasts: One Ocean – East Meets West Videos Part 2

To continue our video series dedicated to highlighting co-hosts from Surfrider Foundation’s Two Coasts: One Ocean events day two/video one is a heartfelt account from author Susan Casey on the terrifying and undeniable effects of climate change on our oceans. Casey is known for penning “The Devil’s Teeth” about great white sharks as well as “The Wave” which “captures colossal, ship-swallowing waves, and the surfers and scientists who seek them out.” Through the writing process Casey undoubtedly learned a lot about ocean science and it’s almost chilling to watch this warning from her as it happened back in 2009 and since then we’ve seen a lot of the predictions start to be truer than ever. It’s no surprise that she’s gotten involved in ocean related charities and is one of the co-hosts of Surfrider Foundation’s Malibu event.

Next up and on a much lighter note we have Mikey DeTemple representing the East:

“East to the tip of Long Island, to towns like Springs and Shelter Island that for decades have been sanctuaries to writers and artists. These are spots to relax and recharge, venues to work on personal projects away from the grind, and places to reinvent yourself.

New York native Mikey DeTemple knows a thing or two about the back and forth. The four-time East Coast Surfing Champion may be the only pro surfer splitting time between Brooklyn and Montauk. When he’s not surfing Mikey expresses himself through films known for their lush cinematography, controlled pacing and stirring soundtracks.

Mikey’s surfing has been described as “classic yet rebellious, stylish but aggressive, competitive though utterly soulful.” He brings this spirit to everything he does, as he hops between both sides of the lens, the sea and the editing room.”

Stay tuned to Low Tide for more East meets West videos celebrating Surfrider Foundation’s Two Coasts: One Ocean event!