The Shop 2018

The main goal behind The Shop this year is bringing the fun and creative nature of shopping back to the consumer – presenting them with fresh new brands to “discover” as well as the corresponding background stories behind each brand / it’s designer.
We want to inspire shoppers to know a little bit more behind the brands they buy & rock – where they come from and who made them. The retail industry has become so driven by e-commerce, off price discounters, & fast fashion – that the art of physically shopping; discovering new brands & their origin has gotten lost in the mix.
We’ve set out to bring them cool new brands and unique pieces; many being one of a kind that once purchased will never be replenished to that exact extent. A lot of the brands are local ones that we are proud to support being based out of Montauk, some are Made in NYC as part of the push to bring manufacturing back home to the city; and ALL have a story to tell that we look forward to sharing with our guests this 2018 season.

THE SHOP is your go-to for all our exclusive BEACH HOUSE Merch:

Designed in-house by our Creative Director, we are expanding our ever-growing selection of limited-edition, superb quality goods – tees, sweatshirts, jewelry, hats, patches – limited runs, super-limited availability.