Take A Paws – “Denali”

“There’s no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they’ve supported you through your darkest times” reads the tagline of a touching video that made the Internet rounds yesterday. “Denali” is photographer Ben Moon’s heartfelt and humorous tribute to his late dog of the same name. Narrated from the dog’s perspective, the video poignantly looks back on their times together and frankly, it had us feeling feels.

The film was produced by Felt Soul Media which consists of Ben Knight and Travis Rummel and is “a bite-sized production company based in Salida & Denver Colorado” that was established in 2005. In their own words “we dreamed of telling stories that actually made you feel something. For lack of a better word, we wanted to make films that didn’t suck.” It’s fair to say they achieved both with “Denali” which became an official selection at Telluride Mountainfilm and won the Best of Festival AND People’s Choice awards at the 5Point Film Festival where it premiered.

Anyone in a creative field knows that labor of love projects such as this one take money and that the money frequently comes from brands. The fact that Patagonia provided support for this film is not surprising considering they’ve been attached to a lot of great original video content recently. What is particularly impressive is how subtly and tastefully the brand is actually incorporated – it’s not distracting and doesn’t feel forced at all. A big salute to them and the entire creative team behind this project for so seamlessly integrating the brand’s presence and of course for such a lovely little emotional journey.

Get your tissues ready…

We commend all of our friends that have made companions out of rescue dogs and take pride in being adoptive parents. They can certainly attest to the fact that sometimes they rescue you right back. Even if you can’t take on a pup of your own right now, we urge you to support the ASPCA, The Humane Society, and/or your local rescue/adoption center by volunteering or donating. Spread the love.

Made possible by Patagonia
Generous support from: First Descents, Ruffwear and Snow Peak

In order of appearance: Ben Moon & Denali
Producer: Ben Moon // Moonhouse
Directed / edited / written: Ben Knight // Felt Soul Media
DP: Skip Armstrong // Wazee Motion Pictures
Second Camera: Page Stephenson
Co-Writer: Katie Klingsporn
Wet Camera: Justin Harris
Sound Recordist: Jim Hurst
Music Supervisor: Ben Knight and Chris Parker
Sound Mix: Justin Harris
Narrated by: Ben Knight

Music by: Chihei Hatakeyama, Images of a Broken Light — chihei.org
Music by: Odesza, It’s Only [feat. Zyra] In Return, odesza.com, courtesy of Counter Records 2014

Still Photographs by: Ben Moon, Lisa Hensel, Carli Davidson, Miranda Moon, Vivian Moon, Jean Redle Dawn Kish, Lisa Skaff, Pete Rudge, Kristen & Ian Yurdin, and John Sterling