Sweat It Out With Sweat Yoga

Sweat Yoga moves ya – moves your mind, moves your body, moves your spirit. They are a heated vinyasa studio that encourages you to flow on your own. Music fuels each class, the takeaway? You’ll feel better walking out of a sweat class than when you walked in.

We can’t wait for them to host their unique classes poolside at the MBH on Saturday, June 17th and Sunday, June 18th.

Here are the deets:

Saturday 6.17 9AM

| sweat-flow |

Get ready to work in their signature class. Initially connecting breath and awareness, you’ll subtly build on to a flow of postures that will have you moving & grooving on your mat.  The sweat will be dripping, inner peace building, while the music captures your soul. You’ll truly think you are in yoga heaven. Creativity is welcomed when they invite you to Find YOUR Flow with sections of class used to explore your own movement through repetition and interpretation. Class winds down with floor work, followed by savasana.

Sunday 6.18 9AM

| slow-burn |

If Barry White taught a yoga class, this would be it. They’ll take you on a moving but grounded trip, it’s not yin nor is it their normal flow. Postures will be held just long enough to sink your body into them, long holds and floor work tailored to boost recovery. It’s just a mellow music-led hour of sweetness.  You’ll exit their slow flow class feeling worked and silly fulfilled.

Both classes are complimentary for guests, but make sure to RSVP to reserve your spot. We’ll see ya on the 17th and 18th for a poolside seat sesh!