Squat It Like It’s Hot – 30 Day Challenge

With so many terms and songs dedicated to them, it’s undeniable: butts are important. And with summer just around the corner it’s time to get yours into shape. Luckily, Refinery29 has got your back (or at least your backside). They’ve done an entire post devoted to the art of the squat:

“Why squats? An oldie but a goodie, the fitness move is a tried-and-true butt burner. ‘Not only do squats build muscle strength, the multi-joint movement has a metabolic effect, revving your heart rate, increasing endurance, and boosting your calorie burn — both during and after your workout,’ says Angela Leigh, trainer and Equinox National Manager ETC. Leigh developed this easy-to-follow plan to target your glutes, hamstrings, and your oft-forgotten calves, helping you sculpt a firm butt, strong back, and sexy, shapely legs.”

Here’s a snippet of what’s in store:

The Basic Squat


The Weighted Squat


and last but not least The Hands-Behind-Head Squat


Ready to take on their 30-day squat challenge? Get started on transforming your body HERE!