Rowing With The Homies – CITYROW

Have you noticed that a lot of our pool party revelers are in amazing shape this summer? We’ve always attracted a great looking crowd, and Montauk in general draws health and fitness aficionados regularly, but we like to think that CITYROW’s weekend classes on our lawn have more than a little something to do with the particularly impressive physiques we’ve been spotting around the Beach House and in town. One of them belongs to CITYROW’s own Program Director Annie Mulgrew, who’s been teaching said classes. She answers some of our questions below and inspires us to do our best to be our best not just in the beach body conscious dog days of summer but all year round. 

When did you become involved with City Row and how did it come about?JAY_SULLIVAN_PHOTOGRAPHER-34402

I met CITYROW CEO & Founder, Helaine Knapp, while studying abroad in Spain during college.  Flash forward several years, Helaine came up with the concept for CITYROW and brought me onboard to instruct classes, develop the program and find and train new instructors. We opened a year and a half ago and have been on this wild, awesome ride ever since.

Fun fact about you…

From 8th grade through 12th grade I went to an all-girls school. Think plaid skirts, knee socks, etc. Our school mascot? The Honey Bear.

Were you always physically active and how did your background lead you to this career path?

Always. Sports, dance and everything in between. It wasn’t until college that I realized the significance of physical activity in life. I became a very dedicated yogi and from there I chose to make physical activity more than just my passion, but also my career.

What has been the most satisfying part of starting this business?

The relationships I now have with my colleagues and my clients. It very much feels like an extended family and I am beyond dedicated to each of them.

Is there anything you’d like to ask your clientele?

Why don’t you listen to me?!?! Like I tell them in class, if they would just do what I say when I say to do it, we would all be happier! 🙂

What makes the Montauk Beach House the ideal location for off-site CITYROW classes and what are some of the challenges that come along with doing classes like these outdoors?

The MBH is one of our favorite places in Montauk – it’s right downtown, has an awesome pool and great mix of good energy and chill vibes. It’s a fun challenge for us to put on classes in different environments, and the lawn of of the Beach House provides a gorgeous setting for a our Saturday morning sweatfest.

What are your go-to pre and post workout snacks?

JAY_SULLIVAN_PHOTOGRAPHER-34310Hard boiled eggs and Quest bars! I always have both (in bulk) in my backpack. I also drink a green juice every day.

What makes the perfect City Row workout playlist? Any current favorite jams?

I like a little bit of everything, but I really like using songs that have defined “pushes” within them. Songs with obvious builds make clients feel that their activity in class needs to heighten or crescendo when the song does. That can be anything from pop to rap to metal. I like for my music to make me feel stronger! Currently digging Birdy’s Skinny Love remixes.

What do you look for in your trainers?

Energy. I can tell just by walking into a room whether or not someone is inspired and loves what they do. Programming can be taught. Energy and passion cannot.

What are some of your favorite things to do and see while in Montauk?

Grabbing a juice at Montauk Juice Factory. Spending the afternoon at the beach at Gurney’s. Dinner at Crow’s Nest. A nightcap (or two) at Ruschmeyer’s or Navy Beach. I have other favorites, but they are secrets. I don’t want the masses to turn up!

It’s not too late for a summer ROWMANCE – book your classes NOW!