Orchard Mile Is Making Your Glam Pool Party Dreams Come True

We’ve teamed up with luxury digital marketplace Orchard Mile to celebrate summer in the Hamptons with a weekend pool party complete with guest DJs Mackan Lindstrom + Rosanna Munter, an Orchard Mile VIP Cabana and a complimentary dry styling bar by Oribe Hair Care.

Glam Pool Party Dreams = Complete

In (eager) anticipation of the event, we chatted with Orchard Mile’s co-founder Julia LeClair about the site’s inception, her current favorite items on OM, and more!

What inspired Orchard Mile’s inception? What did you and your co-founders feel was missing from the online retail space and how is OM filling those gaps?

Orchard Mile was inspired by myself and my co-founders’ own struggles when online shopping. We loved looking for unique items online but the process had become a chore, with endless time spent searching for and comparing the full offerings from our favorite brands. E-commerce sites are driven by buyers who tell you what brands and what styles to wear. With Orchard Mile we wanted to create an experience that was personalized and allowed shoppers the choice to find exactly what they loved instead of forcing them to work within the constraints of a particular retailer’s limited buy.

Orchard Mile is the only online fashion marketplace to offer a shopping experience that allows full access to designers’ collections and unique experiences through our fashion and technology partners. Historically, the only place to find the full collections was on a brand’s owned site, but we’ve made things seamless for the consumer by creating one place to filter and shop the world’s most innovative and beautiful designers’ lines – it’s as if you were shopping 120 “tabs” at once, but all seamlessly.

Most recently, we released My Mile, a special feature that allows shoppers to personalize and curate their own shopping street (the designers, categories within each designer and specific size preferences) in a constantly updated stream so that you’re always seeing the most relevant “picks” for styles you’ll love.

Prior to co-founding OM, you founded Mydrobe and also had a stint in fashion media…how did these experiences prepare you for your current role and what unique perspectives do you bring to the team?

Orchard Mile’s story is very different from the normal start-up narrative. Myself and the other co-founders actually didn’t know each other prior to deciding to work together; we somehow “found” each other through a passionate belief that there should be a destination like Orchard Mile. Because of this we were able to bring a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to Orchard Mile that informed how we built the company.

My experience founding Mydrobe, which was an automated personal stylist and shopper, had a huge impact on my understanding of how women want to shop and what gets them excited about fashion. Getting dressed is emotional and highly personal, so those elements are something I wanted to ensure was reflected in the Orchard Mile experience.

We’re thrilled to be hosting Orchard Mile’s celebration of summer this weekend! What makes Montauk and the Beach House the perfect location to bring the OM experience to life?

Orchard Mile shoppers are avid travelers, so it made perfect sense for us to bring the brand to them in a must-visit summer hotspot – Montauk & The Beach House! The Beach House’s Saturday pool party is the ideal environment to celebrate summer, complete with guest DJs Mackan Lindstrom + Rosanna Munter, an Orchard Mile VIP Cabana and a complimentary dry styling bar by Oribe Hair Care.

Do you get out east often? Any local favorites/recommendations?

Unfortunately, not enough! I have a house on Martha’s Vineyard, which I always equate to Montauk though. When I do make it out east, I love Crow’s Nest for dinner, Sunset Beach for drinks and music, and I love dinner there too if you are looking for a scene. I also love the store Home Nature, they have great things for your house and amazing house warming gifts too if you need to pick something up quickly…can’t go wrong there!

Are there any upcoming projects or collabs you’d like to share with our community?

The first week of August we are going to be on the Vineyard doing an Orchard Mile pop-up! Please come swing by the Field Club if you are in the area.

What are you currently (or soon to be):

Eating…Sugarfina Gummy Bears, and fresh vegetables from my garden

Drinking…Daily Harvest Smoothies

WearingTemperley London Jumpsuits

Reading…How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell and Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

Watching…Friends from College and Silicon Valley (a little late to the game but it’s so good!)

Listening to…Gold Angel by Minke, Never Without You by NTEIBINT, Games by Bakermat

Buying…We just launched LoveShackFancy on Orchard Mile and I love their dresses for the summer – can’t get enough of them!

Obsessing over…My new maltipoo puppy Sadie (it’s a love/hate relationship with my other dog Squibby!) and Walter’s Faith jewelry

We can’t wait to see you all poolside on Saturday July 22nd for Orchard Mile’s summer celebration. As always, peep our calendar for upcoming event deets!