NY Mag’s Comic Guide to The Frieze Art Fair

Leave it to New York Magazine’s Vulture to perfectly capture (and lovingly mock) the hoopla surrounding the recent Frieze Art Fair in NYC. They enlisted Brooklynite cartoonist Hallie Bateman to give us all the breakdown in comic form. Because, why not?!

“Hallie Bateman is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and illustrator whose work includes a running comic about life in New York at the Awl. We sent her to the opening of Frieze to see what she made of the art world’s fair rituals. She returned with this report from the front lines, featuring several bears, excellent outfits, and people looking at art looking at people.”

Here’s some of what you missed if you didn’t score a Press or VIP invite (ours must’ve gotten lost in the mail):


Check out the full recap here!