On A Mission With Erin Sykes

If you’re anything like us, you believe strongly in a mind, body, and spirit connection. To this end, a 360 degree approach to health and wellness seems only natural. Enter: Mission 360 – a highly curated, multidimensional community dedicated to empowering those seeking a stronger body, enriched spirit and expanded mind. Yes please! We picked the brain of its founder Erin Sykes to learn more. Here’s our chat…

Your career has covered a lot of territory including beauty, fashion, TV hosting, and even commercial construction…how has your personal and professional trajectory led you to founding Mission 360?

I believe in constant learning, innovation, and evolving ahead of markets. My father and grandfather were my greatest examples, coaching me as I worked for our family development and construction firm in Atlantic City, NJ. One of the first entrepreneurial ventures I led was starting a LEED-backed, sustainable building SBU for the 112 year old company.

My 10 year career in the Beauty Industry was the true impetuous for starting Mission 360 as I managed the Asian Markets for Estee Lauder and was often working on reverse time zones and on the road. As I always try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally, I was doing so using online tools, but they were scattered all over and the driver for Mission 360 was to consolidate fitness, mindfulness, and coaching into one online platform.

I continue to guest host on QVC and share wellness expertise/state of the industry on morning shows and panels. This allows me to share the Mission 360 platform to a wide audience.

Why did you feel like this specific offering was missing from the wellness space and how does it differ from other remote/streaming health/fitness platforms?

Mission 360 is the most holistic streaming wellness platform available. We are the only one to offer fitness + mindfulness + 1-to-1 life coaching. There are a million and a half ways to become physically fit, but the key piece of the growth hacking equation is mindfulness and personal development.

What has been the biggest challenge so far? The biggest reward?

There are new challenges every day, which is what I find so rewarding about the experience. There’s a different mindset when creating a new business, there is no sense of completion or end-of-day, so it’s kind of hard to celebrate… the most important thing is being a step ahead.

If you had to share only 3 “do or die” wellness tips that everyone should follow, what would they be?

1) 10 minutes of meditation (whatever sort works best for you, no right/wrong way) 1st thing in the morning.

2) Hot water with half an organic lemon 2nd thing in the morning (amazing detoxifier and it helps wake you up)

3) Mix up your workouts. Rotate Yoga/HIIT/Pilates, etc. with (new) outdoor activities to keep things interesting, your mind sharp and in ‘learning’ mode.

Although Mission 360 makes achieving your wellness goals much easier and more accessible, what do you tell people who still think they’re “too busy” or are simply too overwhelmed to get started?

Ha, there’s always someone busier and in better mental/physical shape. The best way to start is to start. No excuses.

There seems to be an endless array of wellness trends and fads…is there anything you wish would just go away? Anything you’d like to see more of?

Yes – I would like to see the fad where everyone is a ‘healer’ go away. I think being a true healer is a rare gift, not something that you can learn in a weekend seminar.

I would like to see MORE personal accountability. You are the architect of your life.

Lastly, a couple of fill-in-the-blanks…

What are you currently (or soon-to-be):

Eating…Dried Mango

Drinking…Bulletproof Coffee

Watching…The news, on mute

Reading…Tools of the Titans, Head Strong (2nd time)

Listening to… Pandora, Tom Petty Radio

Wearing… Michi & APL

Who are you currently:

Obsessing over… Hailey Baldwin’s closet

Stalking on Instagram… Rickie Fowler

You can learn more about Mission 360 on their website and follow along Erin’s journey on her Instagram.