Lipstick Gypsy Brings The Funk To Montauk

Funk and soul duo Lipstick Gypsy, comprised of John Thomas and Chris Liggio, are bringing their much hyped sound to Montauk for Memorial Day Weekend. Having been signed by L.A. Reid himself, these Gypsies are an act you don’t want to miss. Where better to see them than at the MBH? We caught up with the duo before their Sunday evening performance.

This is the best name for a band we’ve possibly ever heard. Please tell us the genesis of the name and how you two met each other.

We met through a mutual friend in the industry that thought we’d be a good match for making music. We spent a few months making songs and had dope chemistry, so we decided to become a band. We came up with Lipstick Gypsy and loved it. It felt right. Lipstick Gypsy means wandering from one love to the next never quite finding your place. Anyone can be a Lipstick Gypsy.

If MAC Cosmetics were to release a lipstick called “Lipstick Gypsy” tomorrow, what color and shade would it be?

Lavender. Definitely lavender.

 What kind of music did you guys listen to growing up? What was the first record you ever bought?

Chris: I grew up listening to Tribe, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Steely Dan and the first record I ever bought was Thriller. I’ll never stop studying that album. John: I was obsessed with Michael Jackson! He was like magic. I loved RnB as a kid. The temptations, Boyz II Men, Brian Mcknight… I bought his “Back at One” album when I was like 9 yelipstick-gypsyars old, loved it.

 Your sonic aesthetic implements a lot of funk—which artists, past and present, are currently inspiring your sound?

We love funk! Anything from Prince to Rick James and that whole era. Currently, we always look forward to a new release from Bruno Mars or Drake. It’s pretty dry out here.

 Can you spill any deets on your upcoming set at the MBH? What kind of vibes are you hoping to create?

We plan on having a great time, and if things go as planned we will end up in the pool without clothes or morals. Also, we will play music.

 If we were to make a “Lipstick Gypsy’s Love Cure” summer cocktail – what would be in it?

Muddled blackberries, fresh lime juice, honey and vodka – shaken and served over ice in a rocks glass, garnished with a mint leaf.

 Are you currently working on any new material, and if so, what direction are you taking it in? What themes are you playing with?

We are always working on new music and we have a bunch of new songs that we are very excited about. Each new song seems to outdo the last. They’re big, they’re exciting.

(This is PURELY for our readers): Are you guys single? 

Well you can tell “YOUR Readers” that we are very single.

Check out the video that had us writhing in our chairs (‘Infatuation’ by Lipstick Gypsy) below: 

Lipstick Gypsy is performing at the MBH on Sunday May 29th.

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