1:1 With EDX

Just in time for his 4th of July Weekend set at the MBH, we get to know Maurizio Colella aka EDX,  via some good ol’ fashioned fill-in-the-blanks…

My spirit animal is a dragon. Sometimes I am an unicorn too.

If the MBH made a drink in my honor it would be made with…much love, mint, citrus fruits, and a blend of amaro del capo. It would be called…NoXcuses!

My “must-play” track for my set at the MBH this 4th of July Weekend is ‘Show Me Love.’

You can expect to see me wearing…sunglasses at night!

My #mood for a weekend in Montauk can be summed up with these 3 emoji: ☀??

Shameless plug time – anything exciting coming up in your world? Anything you’d like to promote?  

I recently released my latest single Anthem and my remix for Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel. It’s time for a new music teaser soon and Ibiza is already all in. Can’t wait to share more music and US dates with you!

Don’t miss EDX at the MBH on Saturday, July 7th for a special edition of Original Poolers hosted by The Kaplan Twins!!

As always, make sure to peep our calendar for all event details!