Deep Cuts With Tennessee Thomas

From owning the The Deep End Club to speaking out for woman’s rights to drumming for LA band The Like—all garnished with some lobbying against hydraulic fracking, multifaceted superwoman and DJ, Tennesee Thomas is bringing her vibrant spirit and energy to the nautical scene of Montauk. Her momentum is unstoppable—and I sat down to ask her how she stays balanced and sane, and try to get her to spill the beans on her upcoming DJ set at the Montauk Beach House. 

What vibe are you going to go for with your upcoming DJ gig at the Montauk Beach House?

I’m always going for creating an uplifting, soulful, psychedelic vibe…Strictly Deep cuts!

Who are you listening to these days? Any up-and-comers?

New music I like– Connan Mockasin, Tame Impala, Ariel Pink, Father John Misty, Wild Belle!

Do you have a look planned? Describe it in a role/scenario situation. For example, my look right now is 80’s teen with a flagrant disregard for his/her curfew.

First day of summer after a thousand years of winter! I’ll be wearing a pretty white sundress covered in crystals that my friend made 🙂 it’s from the Deep End Club! 

Speaking of looks, tell me about the type of merchandise you carry in your boutique! How does it reflect your personal style and vision?

All things made by people in my community, all friends. Pretty, unusual, vintage inspired! I’m a sixties girl!!! Although, I’m almost ready to enter the seventies ha ha. Help – I’m living in the distant past!!! 

You do a lot! You own The Deep End Club in NYC’s East Village, speak out for women’s rights, and lobby against hydraulic fracking. How you keep yourself balanced while engaging in all of these endeavors?

I practice Transcendental Meditation. It helps with the hectic New York schedule. I also love swimming. I love being busy – that’s why I live in New York (it never sleeps).

Is there a current project that you are heavily placing focus on? How do you want to see it grow, and how do you want to grow with it?

The Deep End Club is building an activism website. A platform to share inspiring work of organizations we’ve encountered. We will also be sharing videos and articles about teach-ins & events we have at the shop. We’ll be organizing more Actions and Events relating to all the causes we’re passionate about. We’ve built up a very active and interesting community…it’s inspiring and lots of fun. I’m excited for the journey we’re on and can’t wait to activate more people!  

If the Montauk Beach House made a drink in your honor what would it be called and what would be in it?

“Tennessee Twist” – Bitters & soda with some cherry juice & lemon! 

You seem like a bona fide NYC spirit. How will you bring that energy to Montauk and how will you bring some of Montauk back with you?

I’ll be swimming in the ocean. I went in last time I was there…in February!!! Deep End Club is about extreme swimming. Throwing yourself in the DEEP END with all your clothes on. I’ll be playing some radical protest songs from the past. Hope to come back to the city slightly more relaxed!

Thank you for having me!!!


On the subject of February…here’s a little throwback to a Valentine’s inspired playlist Tennessee made that should give you a nice preview of what to expect this weekend:

Guest Written by Greg Mania.