Camp SoulGrow Is Growing!


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Camp SoulGrow is a non-profit creative movement offering various opportunities and diverse experiences to the kids of Montauk, while integrating local businesses, promoting local culture, honoring local history, and bringing the community together. No one embodies this mission more than its founder London Rosiere. She’s bubbly and energetic and though she can be seen around town donning face paint and typical camp attire, this self-proclaimed “Head Kid” is a bit of a bombshell. Her enthusiasm and sincerity are incredibly contagious and it’s no wonder that she’s gotten many of our favorite locals and local businesses involved in hosting workshops throughout the summer. Because Montauk’s kids eventually become Montauk’s teens and young adults, Camp SoulGrow is now growing to include creative workshops for them as well. London admits that’s there’s not much for kids of any age to do in Montauk in the colder months so these programs are being extended to go on year-round. Learn more from the Head Kid herself below!

What was the inspiration behind Camp SoulGrow and how did it come to fruition?

The inspiration for Camp SoulGrow came from personal experiences, loss, and growth. And also because I’ve realized that the strongest people are those who know themselves. These days I find that so many kids have a warped sense of reality and lower self esteem because they don’t know who they really are and what they really can be. I created Camp SoulGrow to offer all kids a welcoming outlet of limitless opportunities to try new things and have new experiences as well as to feel like they’re a part of something on their own terms, to not worry about being tested or embarrassed and to just be themselves. By giving them real-life, hands-on, commitment-free opportunities to learn from the people around them we’re instilling hopeful possibility and inspiration in unconventional, nonlinear ways throughout the community. We want these kids to be inspired by the mentors around them, yet to be independent thinkers.

I started setting up free kids days last summer and then decided to stay and work hard so that I could offer them more. So basically I came here and never left; I braved the winter alone and have been giving everything in order to make this a legitimate 501(c)3 non-profit charity. This is more than just a camp: it’s an opportunity for our future to grow, not just for the kids but also for the people who volunteer and teach the camps. Camp SoulGrow is for everyone and is a cycle of sharing, giving and learning. We are all here to help each other and the kids, especially those in our own community.

unnamed-2Why Montauk?

I am passionately committed to growing this opportunity for the children and community of Montauk because of my appreciation for them. No place in the world has ever offered me the beauty, love, inspiration and space to work on being a better person and strengthening my virtues. I feel safe but challenged and that is perfect for me. I especially appreciate the changing of seasons and learn so much from nature. If there is any place in the world for such an organic, creative, nature-inspired and community-driven charity to be founded, Montauk is the place.

How does one become a volunteer or mentor for Camp SoulGrow?

Please email or call 631.668.8800.

What are some of the kids’ favorite activities this season?unnamed-3

The kids have really enjoyed hip-hop, sewing, gardening, surfing and they always love traveling to the local businesses. Each camp is diverse and completely hands-on. Having different kids and different settings helps the kids learn more by staying engaged and excited. We are building well-rounded, open-minded people and having fun doing so!

What does the future hold for Camp SoulGrow?

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re in the process of expanding and will soon be offering workshops for teens and young adults in addition to continuing our children’s programs.  Best of all, these workshops will be active all year-round.  Because Montauk can be a cold and lonely place in the wintertime, we’re hoping to provide some much needed warmth and positivity as well as help stir the creative passions of the community’s youth beyond the busy summer season.  Please stay tuned to our website for more info to come soon.  We are the future.