BTS: Our Content Curator Katerina Simonova

Like what you’re seeing on Low Tide so far? It’s most likely thanks to our content curator Katerina Simonova.

Based in Brooklyn, Katerina is a creative consultant, curator, and connector who is completely immersed in culture and collaboration. Her career began in PR, marketing, and events for fashion and lifestyle brands ranging from LVMH to Playboy to Yves Saint Laurent. She is the Founder & Creative Director behind NO MATTER – a creative collective and production agency dedicated to projects that matter (like Low Tide – duh). Prior to this, she was the Editor-In-Chief of CREEM – a highly curated print publication and digital destination.

With her finger directly on the pulse of the cultural sphere she is out to prove that strategy and design should go hand in hand and that philanthropic and environmentally conscious projects don’t have to lack a strong voice and aesthetic value. Katerina loves to cook and is an aspiring dog owner.

Although she’s splitting her time between Montauk and Bushwick this summer she has no problem channeling #beachhousevibes wherever she is in order to write and curate Low Tide’s content…after all “Montauk is a state of mind.”



Make sure to say “hi” if you see her around and keep up with her via @nomatternyc