AWOW’s Making Waves in MTK This Weekend

Our pals over at A Walk On Water (AWOW) are working closely with community leaders to offer surf therapy events aimed at giving those with special needs the chance of a lifetime: to experience the calming and therapeutic effects of the living ocean and in the process showcase the best of surf culture. In AWOW’s own words, “There are no labels. Everyone is an athlete.”

Here’s a glimpse at some of the magic they create regularly:

This Saturday we’re hosting an evening of laughter, bonding, love, and pure stoke while raising much needed funds for the organization. Swing by the Beach House from 6:30 – 9:30 PM for music, food and fun. Additionally, AWOW will be hosting their annual East Coast event at Ditch Plains Beach this Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-4:00 PM.


Here are just a few touching stories (out of so many) from last year’s AWOW events in Montauk… 

AWOW Testimonial 1

“This is Angela. She had the wave of the day with Jean Pierre Pereat (the Pelican) on Saturday. Made section after section. She came out sputtering slightly and wide eyed. As I walked her to the tents, I asked her if she was part mermaid. She responded definitively, ‘No, part dolphin,’ with a glowing smile. These stories, experiences and relationships are why we do this.” – Laura Rubin, friend of the beach house and founder of AllSwell.

AWOW Testimonial 2

“What AWOW does for these kids would make even the toughest man cry. So much love is shared. I mean, my boy went surfing! What’s better than that?” – our very own Walt Lindveld after his son went surfing for the first time!

AWOW Testimonial 3

“I have waited a very very long time for this day. That is my nephew Nicholas throwing the hardest Shaka you have ever seen because he finally got to surf. He caught two of the longest rides of the day And two amazing wipeouts. I think he qualifies as a surfer now. My life is pretty much complete.” – Nicholas, another happy family member.

Check out AWOW’s powerful ‘Timeless Salt’ video here

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