In The Mix With Aiden Jude

In anticipation of the Special Edition of Original Poolers hosted by Crowd Records on Saturday, July 21st, we chatted with their very own wunderkind Aiden Jude. Check it out and be sure to stop by this unmissable party!

How did you get your start as a DJ and when did you know that this would become your career?

I grew up in a family of music; my father was a musician and owned a recording studio and had me come by the studio from probably age 5, where I learned a lot about mixing and engineering. I messed around with various instruments and eventually landed on electronic music. Before I was a teen, I was already making tracks and playing venues and events worldwide.

What’s been the best moment of your music career so far?

It’s very hard to say; sometimes it’s the venue, but mostly it’s the engagement of the crowd. So whether it’s playing to thousands of people in places like Jones Beach Theater or a festival in Michigan, or whether it is an afterhours spot in Bushwick, Amsterdam, or Tel Aviv, it’s all about the people and the engagement. I would say some of the most engaging and most fun crowds to play to are at House Of Yes; on a snowy January day, there were some explosive moments there.

Is it true that most DJ’s can’t dance? What’s your go-to dance move?

It’s funny, most of us most likely cannot, since we’re always working while everyone else is getting down. But, you would very well find us sharing similar gestures, body movements, and wobbles. When we get into it there is definitely movement, I don’t know if it is considered dance because your hands are tied up on the mixer while it all takes place.

If the MBH dedicated a cocktail to you – what would it be called and what would be in it?

My alternate brand, which I do most of my techno and tech house releases and gigs under, is called Chilly Mox. I think a “Chilly Mox” would probably be a cool drink; it’ll obviously have to have a slight kick to it.

Who would you trust to create the soundtrack of your life if it couldn’t be you?

I get the question, but that’s always a difficult one to answer since I’m a multi-genre producer and DJ. I write music for radio and festivals, but also for underground, and occasionally I get into chill and even experimental sub genres. I draw inspiration from everything and everywhere and so it would take a complex, eclectic, and long list of musicians and producers from multiple genres to write the soundtrack of my life.

If you could collaborate with ANY DJ/artist who would it be?

The godfather of electronic dance music, Giorgio Moroder, would be an interesting collaboration.

Tell us about Crowd Records…

We have an awesome team at crowd. Running an independent label has incredible opportunities, but it’s also challenging at times going up against the majors; it’s pretty awesome to see one of our records chart next to some of those majors. Crowd actually operates a number of brands including a label, an academy, promotions, events, and merchandising.

What can we expect from the Crowd Records party at the MBH this Saturday?

Killer DJs, awesome vibes, phenomenal music with mixes and twists that you won’t hear anywhere tailored to what moves your patrons and crowd.

Shameless plug time – anything coming up you’d like to share/promote?

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We’ll leave you with Aiden’s latest:

Do yourself a favor and come check out the Crowd Records edition of Original Poolers on Saturday, July 21st. As always, peep our calendar for details and to RSVP.