Skylar Gardell, of 668 Gig Shack and (apparently) cat shirt fame, gives us brief but rather informative answers to our “10 Questions” 😉

LT: What’s your deal?

SG: I am cat shirts.

LT: Why Montauk?

SG: Why not! Do we have somewhere possibly better to be?

LT: Long or short?

SG: Not sure of the context but…long?

LT: In your opinion – what is the best, or worst, thing about Montauk?

SG: Worst thing: not enough cats.  Best thing: Mr.Ted Patrick Aluicious Fehan.

LT: Low Tide or High Time?

SG: How did you know I’m high all the time?!

LT: What is your favorite place to eat – or drink – in Montauk?

SG: 7-Eleven

LT:  If you could instantly realize one wish, what would it be?

SG: I wish I could be better at stuff.

LT/SG: Before I sleep I always _do I need to say it?!_.

LT: Favorite artist? Why?

SG: My grandma. I don’t know much about art but she painted the best picture of me so far.

LT/SG: I love to _go to the beach house_ because it _rocks!_.