We caught up with Rick Solano, a year-rounder and familiar face around town and on the waves to ask the inevitable “10 Questions.”

LT: What’s your deal?
RS: In general, I’m just an average guy who lives here.  For work, I sell real estate and teach children PE at a local elementary school.  I enjoy designing and building furniture in my spare time.

LT: Why Montauk?

RS: I’ve been coming out here to surf forever.  About 6 years ago I had an opportunity to start a real estate business and move here full time, it was the best decision of my life.  I surf uncrowded waves, bike miles of trails, and fish for dinner.  A simple life.

LT: Long or short?

RS: I ride something different every time I surf. It keeps it fresh.

LT: In your opinion – what is the best, or worst, thing about Montauk?

RS: The best thing about Montauk is the energy. I’m not sure what that energy is or where it comes from, but it’s good. The worst thing about Montauk is that it’s so fun, it gets crowded in the summer. I’m ok with that though, it’s good for business. Besides, I have this place to myself most of the year, so I don’t mind sharing for a few months.

LT: Low Tide or High Time?

RS: We have such diversity of surf spots that if you know where to look at any given tide, you can find perfection.

LT: What is your favorite place to eat – or drink – in Montauk?

RS: I love hanging poolside at the Montauk Beach House.  The design of the place is spot on, food and drinks are amazing and there’s a great line up of entertainment and art scenes.

(We LOVE to hear that!)

LT:  If you could instantly realize one wish, what would it be?
RS: Probably go surfing, it’s been 2 weeks since we have had a swell.LT/RS: Before I sleep I always _brush my teeth and count my blessings.LT: Favorite artist? Why?

RS: My favorite artist is Tin Ojeda.  He is one of the guys that sticks around here all winter and toughs it out. He is very creative and super weird, kind of a random, yet calculated dude. In addition, he surfs better than any other artist I know.

LT/RS: I love to _work on my house_ because _it is a work in progress and most of the materials that I use are reclaimed mahogany, old brick, antique beams, and old furniture.  It’s amazing how peaceful and fulfilling it is to work on your house up in the hillside of beautiful Montauk.