10 QUESTIONS: Justin Burkle

Our latest “10 Questions” contender is local artist, photographer and founder of 41° North, Justin Burkle. He answers the usual queries with local flare and shares some of his work below:

LT: What’s your deal?

JB: I am an artist/photographer who is drawn to the ocean and inspired by it.

LT: Why Montauk?

JB: In all my travels around the globe, I haven’t found a place that suits me better or makes me happier.

LT: Long or short?

JB: Short makes me think of short period wind chop, that is no fun, so I am going with long.

LT: In your opinion – what is the best, or worst, thing about Montauk?

JB: Best thing is the local characters, worst thing is the real estate prices.

LT: Low Tide or High Time?

JB: Low tide for beach glass.

LT: What is your favorite place to eat – or drink – in Montauk?

JB: Anywhere where the beer is cold and surrounded by good company or good views.

LT: If you could instantly realize one wish, what would it be?

JB: Owning a home in Montauk.

LT/JB: Before I sleep I always _check the weather/winds/waves/sea surface temperature charts_.

LT: Favorite artist? Why?

JB: Mica Marder, super talented artist whose work centers around the fish and wildlife found on the east end. He transforms every day objects into beautiful works of art.

LT/JB: I love to _head far offshore to the canyons in the summer months_because_you never know what you will cross paths with_.