The sequence of events played out as such: we ask artist/musician Dalton Portella our usual “10 Questions” – he sends the responses back with an original artwork – we’re epically flattered and grateful.



LT: I am/We are a? (as in, what’s your deal?)

DP: Artist/Photographer/Musician/Surfer

LT: Why Montauk?

DP: Best surf on the east coast.

LT: Long or short?

DP: Whatever the wave calls for. If you are talking espresso, short.

LT: In your opinion – what is the best, or worst, thing about Montauk?

DP: The isolation.

LT: Low Tide or High Time?

DP: Low Tide

LT: What is your favorite place to eat – or drink – in Montauk?

DP: Harvest for Shrimp Pasta, Westlake Fish House, sushi.

LT:  If I could instantly do the one thing I wished for – right now – that would be…

DP: Go surf empty Bali

LT/DP: Before I sleep I always _create something.

LT: Favorite artist? Why?

DP: Francis Bacon, his work speaks to me.

LT/DP: I love to _create_ because it _is what I do best.


Dalton Portella’s “Shark Room” will be on display at The Gallery at Atlantic Terrace

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 13th 4-8PM