Our artists in residence for July are none other than The Kaplan Twins. In case you’ve been under a rock (with no wi-fi), the insta-famous identical twins create timely, meme-worthy, often controversial, “it’s-too-easy-to-call-it-pop-art” art as a collaborative duo and seem to do pretty much everything else together too (like being repped by CAA and Wilhelmina and getting a $hit ton of press for their antics).

We’re teeming with anticipation for their show at the MBH so we’re sharing a teaser of their recent feature in FLAUNT magazine as an amuse bouche of sorts to get y’all’s palettes as excited as ours are!

Here’s a taste…

Andy Warhol, a self-proclaimed “deeply superficial person,” believed that art could be defined simply as what you can get away with.

Lexi and Allie Kaplan—or The Kaplan Twins, as they’re known— cite Warhol as one of their primary artistic heroes, and they have put his words to the test in a more than symbolic way. I have to wonder how Warhol would feel, knowing that the Kaplan twins painted their ass- cheeks and sat—four cheeks total, big red and blue circles—on a portrait of his face? That piece sold for nearly $1000, I might add. Is Andy rolling in his grave, or looking down with pride? Perhaps both.

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